Minibeasts – Summer 1

We have really enjoyed our Minibeast topic this half term!
We have learnt about various types of minibeasts including bees, ladybirds and caterpillars to name but a few.

Each class has been lucky enough to have real life caterpillars and watch them grow into butterflies.
They have been released this week!

For Earth Day we focused on bees and made honey sandwiches, a bee drinking station and played a PE game all about the collection of nectar and it’s journey into honey.

‘Spirit of the Wild’ visit

We were lucky enough to have ‘Spirit of the Wild’ visit us this week and show us an array of interesting animals!
We got to meet a barn owl, snowy owl, parrot, cockroach, millipede, tarantula, African dormouse, chameleon, 2 tortoises, snake, skunk, bullfrog and fruit bat.
Our visiting animal expert called Ben taught us lots of interesting facts and new vocabulary, such as ‘herbivore’, ‘omnivore’, ‘talon’, ‘carnivore’ and ‘exoskeleton’.
The children were invited to touch or hold an animal, which they really enjoyed. What a wonderful morning we all had!
Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Animals of the World – Finch

The children have enjoyed our new topic, ‘Animals of the World’.
We kicked this topic off by learning about animals that live in the sea.

Take a look at our wonderful salt dough sea creatures and our creative sea creature models.

The children loved examining a fish up close to see its scales, gills, fins and mouth.

February 2021 – Wren Class

In Wren class this week, we have been looking at fire engines and the colours and patterns that can be seen on them.
The children have looked carefully at their painting skills and which thickness of paintbrush is needed for different parts of the painting.

We also took part in the ‘Big School’s Birdwatch’! We walked around the school grounds and used a tally chart to record how many birds we saw. We then came back to the classroom and thought of others ways we could show our findings.
Look at how we decided to do it.

January 2021 – Finch Class

This week we have been learning about Firefighters.

In Finch class, we created some fire engine pictures; using paints, tracing and collage.

Mrs MacLeod showed us how we could trace an image of a fire engine first, if we wanted support with our drawings.

We had great fun learning how to colour mix and we looked carefully at the different parts and colours of a fire engine to help us with our artwork,


It’s Christmas!

Reception have had a very exciting week filled with lots of fun, laughter and surprises.
At the beginning of the week, we were able to watch a pantomime of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Big Foot Arts.
Remember the link is on this week’s newsletter if you would like to watch it at home.

On Wednesday, we had Christmas lunch in the hall with crackers and some very delicious food!

Our biggest surprise of the week was having two reindeer come to visit us.
Their names were Dancer and Prancer, and we were able to stroke and feed them.

We have had a wonderful last week with lots of lovely activities.

Winter Festivals

In Reception, we have been celebrating Winter Festivals and so far we have learnt about Remembrance, Fireworks night and Diwali.

Look at our Poppy collages where we have worked together to create a piece of art

and our firework dances where we explored moving with a prop!

We have also been practising some mindfulness; Wren class have been exploring some Zen Den yoga and Finch class have been ‘drawing to music’ on a Friday afternoon, so far they have listened to jazz music.

Autumn 1 – October

Finch class have loved learning about Harvest and exploring autumnal colours/paints.
They have enjoyed sensory activities, such as scooping out pumpkins and playing with Halloween gloop!

Enjoy the half term break.

Reception Team

Settling in September

We are very proud of how well our reception children have settled in.

Our topic of Into the Woods has been a huge hit and the children have enjoyed covering many familiar stories such as The Gruffalo and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Next week we will be looking at We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.